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➤ Name of stadium: Lotto Park: Total capacity: 21.500: 20.125 at international matches: Built: 1917: Formerly: Stade Émile Versé / Émile Versé Stadion / Émile-Versé-Stadion (1917–1983) Stade Constant Vanden Stock / Constant Vanden Stockstadion / Constant-Vanden-Stock-Stadion (1983–2019)

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What is the capacity of Anderlecht’s Astrid Park?

➤ It currently has a capacity of 21,500 places. The works should start in 2011 and last two years. Anderlecht has been playing in the Astrid Park since the building of the Emile Versé Stadium in 1917. The stadium was completely rebuilt in 1983 and it was renamed in honour of the then chairman Constant Vanden Stock.

What is the capacity of RSC Anderlecht Stadium?

➤ Club: RSC Anderlecht | Opening: 1918 | Capacity 21,500 (est. 5,000 standing) | Description: Constant Vanden Stock Stadion opened in the summer of 1918, but was initially named in honour of the first president of the club, Emile Versé. The Stadium Guide Present stadiums Europe A-N

What is the Anderlecht Stadium known for?

➤ It is home to R.S.C. Anderlecht. It also hosted the UEFA Euro 1972 semifinal Hungary against Soviet Union, as well as several games of the Belgium national football team . It was in 1917 that R.S.C. Anderlecht installed, on the border of the Meir Park (later renamed Astrid Park ), a new stadium with only one wooden stand.

Where do Anderlecht play their matches?

➤ Anderlecht have been playing their matches in the Astrid Park in the municipality of Anderlecht since 1917. Their current stadium, Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, was first opened in 1983, and replaced the former Emile Versé Stadium. They play in purple and white outfits. They have long-standing rivalries with Club Brugge and Standard Liège .

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