bible stadium cedar park stadium capacity

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➤ A.C. Bible Jr. Memorial Stadium, located in Cedar Park is one of the largest high school stadiums in Texas. Inaugurated in 1947, the stadiums former names are Berret Stadium and Lion . The is the former home ground of Friday Lights Team and has a total of 12,000.

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How long has Veterans Memorial Stadium been in use?

➤ The original stadium was built in 1949 and served the team well through the 2001 season, a total of 52 years! Veterans Memorial Stadium hosted the MWL All-Star Game in 2004 and 2016, and the American Legion World Series in 2006, in addition to concerts and high school and amateur baseball games.

Where was the first professional baseball stadium ever built?

➤ The first recorded professional baseball stadium was Hill Park, located just to the north of the current Roosevelt Middle School. Professional baseball was played there until suspended in 1942, due to World War II, and after the war games were played at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

What kind of seats are available at Veterans Memorial Stadium?

➤ Fan comfort is paramount at Veterans Memorial Stadium as fans with seats in the Premier and Club seating areas enjoy box-style seats complete with cup holders.

How big is the concourse at Busch Stadium?

➤ A spacious 32-foot wide main concourse helps to relieve congestion on busy game nights, and several concession stands throughout the stadium get fans served and back to their seats as quickly as possible.

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