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➤ For their final game of the 2020 season, which came at Nissan Stadium in the playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens, the Titans operated at 21 percent capacity, or roughly 14,500 fans.

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How many fans does the Tennessee Titans need to fill a stadium?

➤ Indications are the Titans’ initial request was for 25 percent capacity. The building accommodates 69,143 for football, so that would be 17,286. At this point, it would be a major victory to get any fans in the stadium, as there’s a chance the Titans play their home games without anyone in attendance.

How many seats does a stadium hold?

➤ For example, AT&T Stadium can hold over 100,000 fans when the standing room is accounted for. However, the official capacity is 20,000 seats fewer. Let’s take a look at the top five biggest stadiums in terms of official listed capacity before looking at which stadiums have the smallest capacity.

What is the seating capacity of AT&T Stadium?

➤ AT&T Stadium, formerly known as the Cowboys Stadium, was completed on May 27, 2009. The stadium seats 80,000 people, making it the fourth largest stadium in the NFL in terms of seating capacity. The maximum capacity of the stadium with standing room is 105,000.

What is the capacity of Nissan Stadium?

➤ Facilities are included to enable the stadium to host public events, meetings, and parties. Nissan Stadium is located on the east bank of the Cumberland River, across the river from downtown Nashville and has a seating capacity of 69,143. Its first regular-season game was a 36-35 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on September 12, 1999.

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