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➤ The University of Texas is home to the largest college football stadium in America, with a capacity of 100,119 people. The stadium is used for football games and other events such as concerts and rodeos. There is no charge for spectators attending UT sports games unless you have reserved seats or have purchased a parking permit.

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What is the capacity of Texas A&M football stadium?

➤ Capacity: 8,500 West Texas A&M left 60-year old Kimbrough Memorial Stadium and opened up this brand new gem in 2019. While they went from a capacity of 20,000 to only 8,500, the new stadium has improved restrooms and concourses, chairback seats, a video board and even a handful of luxury suites.

What is the history of Memorial Stadium at UT Austin?

➤ Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium (formerly War Memorial Stadium, Memorial Stadium, and Texas Memorial Stadium ), located in Austin, Texas, on the campus of the University of Texas, has been home to the Longhorns football team since 1924.

What is the maximum capacity of a stadium?

➤ They are ranked by capacity, which is the maximum number of spectators the stadium can normally accommodate. All U.S. stadiums with a current capacity of 18,000 or more are included in the list. The majority of these stadiums are used for American football, either in college football or the NFL.

How many college football stadiums have a six-figure capacity?

➤ Crowds of 100,000-plus have become commonplace in college football thanks to extraordinary renovations and multimillion-dollar projects. In 2020, seven schools boast home stadiums that hold a six-figure capacity. Here are the 25 largest capacity stadiums that serve as primary homes for college football teams entering the 2020 season.

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