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➤ After the war, the Macks wanted to expand the seating capacity again, in a park that was running out of room to expand into. In 1949, they proposed erecting the ultimate spite fence: a new double-deck seating section in right field that would boost the park’s capacity to 50,000. [25]

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What is Connie Mack Stadium known for?

➤ Shibe Park, known later as Connie Mack Stadium, was a baseball park located in Philadelphia. It was the home of the Philadelphia Athletics of the American League (AL) and the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League (NL). When it opened April 12, 1909, it became baseball’s first steel-and-concrete stadium.

How long did Connie Mack manage the Athletics?

➤ After the 1950 season, the 87-year-old Mack retired after managing the Athletics for 50 years, the longest managerial tenure in baseball history. In a last effort to revitalize the team, Mack’s children changed the name of Shibe Park to Connie Mack Stadium before the 1953 season.

Who bought Connie Mack Stadium in 1971?

➤ In March 1971, Louis Graboyes and S. Solis Tollin agreed in principal to buy the Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium property from Jerry Wolman, who had purchased it in 1964 for $757,500 [132] and was no longer able to meet the mortgage on it. [133]

What happened to Connie Mack’s office at Busch Stadium?

➤ The corner tower and its domed cupola, Connie Mack’s original office, was the last segment of the ballpark demolished, on July 13, 1976 —the same day as the 47th MLB All-Star Game, played at Veterans Stadium.

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