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➤ You are on Cooley Law School Stadium main page. This stadium is located in USA. On this section you can find Cooley Law School Stadium information, last matches played in this sta

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What’s new at Cooley Law School stadium?

➤ The changes have made the fan experience much better at Cooley Law School Stadium and improved seating for 11,000 people when including lawn seating. The ballpark debuted in 1996 as Oldsmobile Park and returned baseball back to town after 55 years.

What is the size of the playing field at Busch Stadium?

➤ The stadium’s playing field is comprised of approximately 17,500 square yards of sod. The infield mix is 60% clay, 25% sand, and 15% brick dust. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our fans, while maintaining a safe environment, the following security procedures are in place:

Where is big lug Stadium?

➤ Big Lug is the team mascot, wearing #96 as the team was founded in 1996. The stadium is located a few blocks east of the State Capitol Building. There are a number of bars nearby including American Fifth Spirits on the east side of the stadium. If you are in the market for a steak dinner, Bowdie’s Chophouse is very well rated among the locals.

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