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➤ 30 rows Capacities are taken whenever possible from the figure stated on the official website of the stadium, its tenants, or a sports event it has hosted. List [ edit] Capacity of 100,000 or more [ edit] Capacity of [ edit] Capacity of 80,000–90,000 [ edit] Capacity of 70,000–80,000 [ edit] Capacity of 60,000–70,000 [ edit]

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What is the world’s largest stadium?

➤ Editorial credit: Karsten Jung / Shutterstock.com. The Rungrado May Day Stadium is the largest stadium in the world. Its official crowd capacity is 150,000, though it is thought that the actual capacity of the venue is closer to 114,000, which still makes it the world’s biggest stadium by capacity.

What is the maximum capacity of a stadium?

➤ They are ranked by capacity, which is the maximum number of spectators the stadium can normally accommodate. All U.S. stadiums with a current capacity of 18,000 or more are included in the list. The majority of these stadiums are used for American football, either in college football or the NFL.

What is the capacity of the Ohio State Stadium?

➤ The venue now has a capacity of 102,780, making it the fifth largest stadium in the world. The stadium is used primarily for U.S. collegiate sports, especially college football. In 2016, the stadium hosted a record crowd of 110,045 people, who came to see the home team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, play a game against Michigan.

How does the seating capacity of a stadium affect fans?

➤ For fans, the larger the seating capacity of the stadium, the better they can connect with the team in numbers. For the team, a big crowded stadium directly enhances their home game performances.

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