kauffman stadium seating capacity

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➤ Kauffman Stadium (/ ˈ k ɔː f m ə n / … Since its last major renovation in 2009, the ballpark’s listed seating capacity is 37,903. Kauffman Stadium was built specifically for baseball during an era when building multisport “cookie-cutter” stadiums was commonplace. It is often held up along with

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Where is Kauffman Stadium located?

➤ Kauffman Stadium ( / ˈkɔːfmən / ), often called “The K”, is a baseball park located in Kansas City, Missouri. It is home to the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball (MLB).

How many fans does Kauffman Stadium have 2021?

➤ Kauffman Stadium The Kansas City Royals will celebrate their 49th season at Kauffman Stadium in 2021. Kauffman has always been one of the crown jewel ballparks of Major League Baseball. Having hosted 84,977,012 fans since 1973, ‘The K’ with its signature look, has proudly stood the test of time.

What makes Kauffman Stadium (the k) so special to Royals fans?

➤ In conclusion, Kauffman Stadium (The K) has a lot for Royals fans to appreciate. Kauffman Stadium is always one of the best places to catch an MLB game, from the expanded outfield seats next to the water fountains to the updated food items.

What is the capacity of the Kansas City Royals Stadium?

➤ The Kansas City Royals Stadium capacity is 37,903 seats, but that can increase with standing room sections. This 37k capacity puts the size of the venue in the same discussion as Fenway Park capacity. The record attendance for a baseball game came in under 42,000 people, and that was in the ’80s against the Yankees.

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