largest capacity stadium in europe

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Camp Nou

➤ Camp Nou is the highest capacity stadium in Europe. This is a list of the largest European stadiums. Stadiums with a capacity of 25,000 or more are included.

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What is the biggest stadium in Europe?

➤ Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain – 99,354 spectators This huge stadium has a capacity just short of one lakh people and is the largest stadium in Europe. This stadium was opened in 1957 and renovated in 2008.

What is the capacity of the stadium of London?

➤ The capacity of 62,303 makes it the largest club stadium in London and the 3rd largest in the English capital after Wembley and Twickenham. It is currently the 2nd largest stadium in the Premier League after Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

What is the largest stadium in Ireland?

➤ Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland – 82,300 spectators This ground in Ireland is one of the largest stadiums in Europe with a seating capacity of over eighty thousand. This is one of the oldest stadiums on this list and was first opened in 1884. Since then it has been renovated multiple times to increase its capacity and carry out repair works.

What are the biggest football stadiums in Serbia?

➤ Serbia’s largest football stadium by capacity, Red Star Stadium can seat more than 55,500 fans, and gets its largest crowds for the infamous Eternal Derby (Serbian this time) between Red Star and Partizan Belgrade.

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