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➤ The updated modified Maracanã stadium is still the largest soccer stadium in Brazil by more than 6,050 seats over the Mané Garrincha stadium. (capacity 72,788) Without a doubt, the saddest moment in the history of Brazilian soccer was met by an eerie, haunting silence in the gigantic football stadium.

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Where is the Maracana Stadium in Brazil?

➤ Maracana Stadium. The Maracana Stadium is a major football stadium located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stadium was opened in 1950 to host the FIFA World Cup.

What is the capacity of Maracana Stadium?

➤ Maracana Stadium Capacity. The stadium is owned by the government and not the clubs, thus being used by clubs through the payment of rent. The stadium used to have a capacity of almost 200,000, but has been reduced to the current capacity of 78,838 due to renovations which replaced the terraced sections with seats.

What is the maximum capacity of the stadium in Brazil?

➤ Actually, the exact maximum capacity is unknown. Brazil asserts to be more than 200.000, the Guinness Book allots 180.000 of them, others quote approximately 155.000. The first stone of the stadium was placed on August 2, 1948, when Maracanã stadium was born.

What is the capacity of the biggest stadium in the world?

➤ Brazilian officials claimed it could seat over 200,000 people, while the Guinness Book of World Records estimated it could seat 180,000 and other sources pegged capacity at 155,000. What is beyond dispute is that Maracanã overtook Hampden Park as the largest stadium in the world.

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