maracana stadium rio de janeiro capacity

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➤ The Maracanã Stadium is a source of pride in Rio de Janeiro. With a capacity of 78,838, it is the largest stadium in Brazil and the second largest in South America, the largest being Estadio Monumental in Peru with a capacity of 80,093.

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Will the capacity of Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã be close to 100k?

➤ Rio de Janeiro: Maracanã capacity again close to 100,000? Things are looking well for Flamengo. The club wants to take over management of the legendary stadium for 35 years. If that happens, removal of seats could bring capacity to significantly over 90,000 once more. South America’s most celebrated stadium will turn 70 later this year.

Where is the Maracana Stadium in Brazil?

➤ Maracana Stadium. The Maracana Stadium is a major football stadium located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stadium was opened in 1950 to host the FIFA World Cup.

What is the capacity of Maracana Stadium?

➤ Maracana Stadium Capacity. The stadium is owned by the government and not the clubs, thus being used by clubs through the payment of rent. The stadium used to have a capacity of almost 200,000, but has been reduced to the current capacity of 78,838 due to renovations which replaced the terraced sections with seats.

What is the name of the stadium in Rio de Janeiro?

➤ Maracanã Stadium ( Portuguese: Estádio do Maracanã, standard Brazilian Portuguese: [esˈtadʒi.u du maɾakɐˈnɐ̃], local pronunciation: [iʃˈtadʒu du mɐˌɾakɐˈnɐ̃] ), officially named Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho ( IPA: [iʃˈtadʒ (i)u ʒoʁnaˈliʃtɐ ˈmaɾi.u ˈfiʎu] ), is an association football stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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