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➤ The irrigation of the lawn is achieved by 35 automatically elevated water launchers with the use of programmed irrigation. This system allows the movement of the lawn to an area outside the stadium in order for the surface

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When was the OAKA stadium built?

➤ It was completed in time to host the 1982 European Championships in Athletics. It was inaugurated by the President of Greece at the time, Konstantinos Karamanlis, on 8 September 1982. One year later, in 1983, OAKA Stadium hosted the 1983 European Cup Final between Hamburger SV and Juventus (1-0).

What is the history of Oak Stadium in Athens?

➤ History and description. OAKA Stadium, in full Olympic Athletic Center of Athens “Spiros Louis”, got built between 1980 and 1982, and opened on 8 September 1982 with the European Athletics Championships. The stadium was named after Spiros Louis, the Greek winner of the first Olympic marathon in 1896.

What is the capacity of the Olympic Stadium in Athens Greece?

➤ ^ Stadia.gr Olympic Sports Hall. ^ Capacity: 18,500 spectator seats (of which 2,000 are folding) and 300 media seats. ^ Capacity: 18,989 (maximum capacity for basketball games). ^ Νέο παρκέ και αποδυτήρια στο ΟΑΚΑ (in Greek).

What is the main Olympic Stadium?

➤ The Main Olympic Stadium is a modern facility, which provides athletes with all the latest amenities. It also includes areas for all the staff that is necessary for organizing major athletic and cultural events. The construction of the Stadium was complete in 1982.

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