rutgers football stadium seating capacity

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➤ Rutgers Stadium Piscataway, NJ Rutgers University Total Seating Capacity: 52,454

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How many fans does Rutgers Stadium hold?

➤ The new Rutgers Stadium originally was constructed to accommodate 41,500 fans at its maximum capacity and was officially opened on September 3, 1994, in a game against Kent State University. Light stanchions were integrated into the design so night games could be played.

How did Rutgers pay for the Rutgers Stadium expansion?

➤ This situation prompted the Board of Governors of Rutgers University to approve a new financing plan for the stadium expansion in which the entire amount of $102 million was to be borrowed. Specifically, the university issued $85 million in bonds, and borrowed the remaining $17 million by way of low-interest commercial paper.

What is the name of the new Rutgers football stadium?

➤ Rutgers Stadium was then built on the site of the “Old” Rutgers Stadium as the Scarlet Knights began play in their new 41,500-seat stadium in 1994. The Hale Center, which underwent a $12.5 million expansion, is the home of the Rutgers Football program.

How are football stadiums ordered by seating capacity?

➤ Stadiums are ordered by seating capacity. This is intended to represent the permanent fixed seating capacity, when the stadium is configured for football. Some stadiums can accommodate larger crowds when configured for other sports, or by using temporary seating or allowing standees.

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