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➤ Built by Azusa Sekkei to host matches of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, construction was completed in September 2001. The stadium holds 63,700 people, although for segregation reasons league games hosted at the ground have a reduced capacity of 62,300. The Saitama Stadium hosted four

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What is the Saitama Stadium known as?

➤ Saitama Stadium situated in Midori-Ku, Saitama Prefecture, Japan is also known as Saisuta which is a football stadium. This stadium is among largest stadium of Asia. The stadium is used for playing home games by Urawa Red Diamonds team. Some important things to know about Saitama Stadium are:

What is the name of the Football Stadium in Japan?

➤ Saitama Stadium 2002 (埼玉スタジアム2002, Saitama Sutajiamu Nimarumaruni), often called Saitama Stadium (埼玉スタジアム, Saitama Sutajiamu) or simply Saisuta (埼スタ), is a football stadium located in Midori-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, Japan . Currently J1 League football club Urawa Red Diamonds use this stadium for home games.

Why choose Saitama Super Arena?

➤ Saitama Super Arena provides that ideal format. The variety of layouts and seating arrangements made possible by movable architectural block system mean that the ideal venue for any event can be created here.

How far is Saitama Stadium from Tokyo?

➤ Saitama itself lies about 25 kilometres north of central Tokyo. The stadium is situated in a light-urban area which is planned to be further developed in the next 20 years. You can best reach the stadium by taking a train to Urawa Misono Station, which lies a 15-minute walk south-east of the stadium.

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