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➤ Capacity: 47,000 Opened: 1964 Main use: Football Tenants: Extra stadium info – Yanmar Stadium Nagai The stadium, which was known as the Osaka Nagai Stadium, opened with a football match for the Games of the Olympiad. Its initial capacity was 23,000.

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Where is Yanmar Stadium in Osaka?

➤ Yanmar Stadium Nagai is located in Nagai Park in the south of Osaka. Nagai Park furthermore holds Kincho Stadium and the Nagai Botanical Gardens. The stadium lies about 11 kilometres south of Osaka Station and central Osaka. The stadium is easily reached with the red Midosuji Line (M) of the Osaka metro.

What is the capacity of Yanmar Stadium Nagai?

➤ About Nagai Stadium (in Japanese) Yanmar Stadium Nagai (ヤンマースタジアム長居) is an athletic stadium in Osaka, Japan. It is the home ground of J. League club Cerezo Osaka. The stadium has a seating capacity of 47,000.

What is the capacity of Osaka Stadium?

➤ Osaka Stadium (大阪球場, owned by Osaka Stadium Corporation (大阪スダヂアム興業株式会社)) was a stadium located in Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan. The stadium opened in 1950, with a capacity of 32,000 people.

What is the name of the new stadium of Cerezo Osaka?

➤ Yanmar Nagai Stadium is the current home of Cerezo Osaka. However, since the old stadium (Nagai Stadium) has been renovated and reopened as YODOKO SAKURA Stadium (Soccer-only Stadium), the home of Cerezo Osaka will be moved to the new stadium from July 17, 2021. Both stadiums are located in a park called Nagai Park.

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